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A fanmix for Hamato Yoshi, AKA Master Splinter, from Nickelodeon's TMNT 2012 cartoon.
After the loss of his family, Yoshi went off the rails in the depths of his depression, until he landed in New York and a pile of mutagen. This is a mix encompassing the happy days, the dark days, and the happy days ahead.
Base art by MomoRawrr.
sixteen songs and a cover under the cutCollapse )
Songs for Little Loki and his BFF Leah (and one for general Dad angst).

12 Songs and a cover under the cutCollapse )

Songs for Sergeant Calhoun, her fiance, and her quest for vengeance. In-game Calhoun, not the game sprite that knows she's a game sprite. Basically, a fanmix for the fictional arcade first person shooter "Hero's Duty". Made to accompany a fic I may or may not ever write.
12 songs and a cover under the cutCollapse )

estrangement: a mix for thor and loki

This is a mix for Thor and Loki, in between Thor and The Avengers.

12 songs and a cover under the cutCollapse )

late christmas fic: 8 maids a milking

Title: 8 Maids a Milking
Author: tallycola 
Pairing: Sulu/Chekov
Rating: PG
Words: ~3000
Summary: Sulu and Chekov look after little David Marcus at the Enterprise's holiday party.
Author Notes: Written for a 12 days of Christmas thingummer. A BIT LATE FOR CHRISTMAS but perhaps you will enjoy it anyway!

(Christmas with Sulu, Chekov and little David Marcus)
Title: The Same Old Skinny Kids from High School
Author: tallycola
Fandom: Scott Pilgrim (bookverse)
Rating: PC13
Word Count: ~1600
Warnings: drugs
Disclaimer: not my characters
Summary: Knives Chau battles the Nega-Knives.
AN: For sotto_voice 's prompt "Knives Chau, college" on the Awesome People of Colour are Awesome Comment-a-Thon.
Title is from the song H-H-High School by Hexes and Ohs.


Knives Chau said she loved himCollapse )

star trek: mccoy/kirk "the catching"

Title: The Catching
Author: tallycola
Fandom: Star Trek XI, bdsm-verse au
Rating: NC17
Word Count: ~4900
Warnings: BDSM verse! That is, a world where dominant/submissive was the main social segregator, not gender, and where rather hardcore acts of BDSM are totally normal. Specifically: Consensual bdsm, abduction, humiliation, spanking, bondage.
Pairings: McCoy/Kirk, mentions of Uhura/Spock and Sulu/Chekov
Disclaimer: not my characters
Summary: The very romantic story of how McCoy proposed to Kirk, and their subsequent collaring ceremony.
AN: Written for karraparis who won me in the help_pakistan auction. Special thanks for viivi for helping me brainstorm and come up with the idea.

If there was a way to describe James T Kirk, old-fashioned probably wasn't it.Collapse )


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